Commercial Flooring


The importance of selecting the right flooring for your office is all too often overlooked, with many offices opting for whatever is cheapest. But by doing this, you might be missing out on some of the great benefits that your floor can bring to your office.

Will you opt for carpet for additional comfort and a warmer office? Or perhaps your office would be better off with design flooring to achieve that natural aesthetic while standing up to the heavy footfall of your office? With Gilham Flooring, we can identify and supply you with the best flooring options that meet your needs.


As well as helping businesses with their flooring needs, we’re also proud to be able to provide a shop fitting service for all of our retail business customers.  

We have plenty of experience helping retail businesses set up a new store. From supplying flooring and fixtures that match your brand and offering, to advising you on the design of the store so that it’s as practical as possible, we can help with all of your shop fitting needs. 


From nurseries to universities, each educational setting has their own flooring needs, and we’re able to provide the perfect solution every time. 

In younger years settings, we can provide the perfect flooring that will help prevent any fall injuries to younger children while also cutting down on the large task of cleaning, helping you comply with the many rigorous and high standards set by parents and regulations alike. 

For older years settings, we can provide flooring solutions that are durable and low maintenance, helping your floors to easily withstand the large footfall of any older educational setting. 


When it comes to practical environments, selecting the right flooring doesn’t just affect the appearance of your business. It can also affect how well it operates, and can even decrease the risk of accidents occurring.

We’re able to provide a range of flooring options for healthcare environments, depending on the location and needs. From hygienic cladding to non slip flooring, we’re experienced at identifying and advising on how our flooring solutions can be best utilised in your business.


At Gilham Flooring, we’re well aware that any hospitality business is going to have a wide range of flooring and refurbishment needs that need to be met. 

From luxurious carpets for your guests to sink their feet into, to practical flooring for your staff kitchens, there’s a variety of locations and flooring types that you’re going to need.

We’ve helped a large number of hospitality businesses with their flooring and refurbishing needs by sourcing and installing all of the necessary flooring, fitting out and refurbishing their kitchens, and providing hygienic cladding alongside a number of other useful resources and services.