Domestic Flooring


Highly water resistant and easy to clean, vinyl provides you with a low maintenance floor that’s durable and difficult to damage. Available in a wide range of designs and patterns, vinyl allows you to take full control of the aesthetic of your home. With a fast installation process and easy sourcing, we can floor your home with vinyl at extremely affordable rates.

Design Floors

Design floors are a great way of getting the timeless natural aesthetic of wood or stone flooring in your home while still enjoying the benefits of material that’s softer and warmer underfoot, yet still extremely durable. Plus, thanks to its easy maintenance and great resistance to general wear and tear, you can get many years of use out of your design flooring.


Herringbone effortlessly replicates the appearance of natural wood, but laid in a pattern often compared to the bones of a fish (hence the name). Thanks to this unique pattern, Herringbone can help even the smallest of rooms seem larger and more open. We can provide Herringbone flooring for your home in whatever colour you feel best suits your home, helping you achieve the style and aesthetic that you’re going for. 

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Similar to standard vinyl flooring but with a few important differences, luxury vinyl flooring is unsurprisingly seen as the more prestigious of the two options. This does make it the more costly option, but in return you’ll see a larger increase in your property value, and enjoy an even longer lifespan than you would hope to get from the standard vinyl. 


If you’re looking for a floor that provides abundant opportunities for customisation, tile flooring is a great choice. Available in a wide range of colour and styles, we’re able to provide you with a custom floor that suits you and your property. Colder to the touch than many other options, tile is particularly effective for keeping rooms cooler. 


A multi layered composite flooring, laminate is another flooring option that we provide which can help you achieve a natural look in your home, but at a lower cost. With a fast installation process and relatively low costs, laminate flooring is a cost effective option that will last many years. What’s more, eco-friendly laminate flooring that’s made of recycled materials is often easy to source.

Engineered Wood

Providing all of the benefits of natural wood and then some, engineered wood has become increasingly popular for homeowners. With the same feel underfoot and a variety of shades available to provide a great aesthetic, engineered wood is less prone to warping or shrinking, which means you can enjoy it for a long time with minimal maintenance. Naturally warm to touch, it’s also compatible with underfloor heating, allowing for further heating benefits.


One of the most popular flooring choices for homes in the UK, carpets provide a wide range of great benefits. From keeping your home warm to arguably being the comfiest underfoot, carpets are suitable for any home. What’s more, we can easily fit any carpet you want for your home, giving you virtually unlimited options in colour and style.